10 Websites To Make Development Easier.

10 Websites To Make Development Easier.

September 17, 2022
Clark Weckmann

1. Laws of UX

Laws of UX is fantastic for understanding the psychology behind each element and how they have an impact on the user experience.

2. CloudFlare

Whether you’re protecting, hosting, or just need DNS for your project CloudFlare has it. I personally use CloudFlare for email forwarding, hosting, serverless functions, DNS, access control, and a whole lot more! You can read more about my CloudFlare use cases in the articles below.

3. ColorHub

ColorHub makes it easy to pick, edit, and use a color palate that looks stunning. I’m colorblind and rely heavily on ColorHub for my palate picking.

4. Shuffle

Shuffle is a fantastic way to use different design libraries to draft your next project. I love the drag and drop feature with just enough editing to get to 70% of your final design, it makes it easy to not distracted.

5. Carrd

Carrd is a fantastic one page design tool with limitless customization. Several of my pages made in Carrd and some are even hosted by Carrd.
Some of my favorite Carrd features are:
  • Form Handling
  • Favicon & OG Image Upload
  • Custom Embeds
  • Limitless Customization

6. Canva

We all know what Canva is, but did you know you can actually design a website within Canva? There are several ready to use templates already, but the design customization is only limited by your imagination. I personally use Canva not for websites, but for logos and icons. I am excited to try out the web design aspect though. Canva also offers hosting for these website or a free subdomain.

7. Notion

I use Notion for keeping projects organized, building my documentation, and developer collaboration. Notion is perfect for docs website and I fully take advantage of this.

8. Snappify

notion image
Snappify is the key to getting beautiful code snippets. If you’re a designer or developer that loves to share snippets in a stunning way, this is how it’s done.

9. Vercel

Vercel is my go to for anything. I’ve built my business on top of Vercel and CloudFlare. Whether you need DNS, a powerful CDN, SSL Certificates, Hosting, Serverless Function, or just Automatic Deployments from a git repository you need Vercel.

10. Glitch

Unlike Heroku, Glitch doesn’t plan on taking away their free tier anytime soon. Glitch offers an amazing community of developers and several other features. I personally use Glitch for rapid API development before the production stage. It’s perfect for small scale APIs, static websites, and other applications that don’t require a large amount of resources.

Thanks for reading about 10 of my most used websites!

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