[Matrix] - Open Source Encrypted Messaging
[Matrix] - Open Source Encrypted Messaging

[Matrix] - Open Source Encrypted Messaging

November 10, 2021
Clark Weckmann
Imagine a world... ...where it is as simple to message or call anyone as it is to send them an email. ...where you can communicate without being forced to install the same app. ...where you can choose who hosts your communication. ...where your conversations are secured by E2E encryption. ...where there’s a simple standard HTTP API for sharing real-time data on the web.
If these things interest you as much as they interest me, follow along!

1. Navigate to a Matrix client, I recommend Element.

notion image
Element Landing Page

2. Once here, click on "Create Account."

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Create Account

3. Select which server you'd like to create your account on.

You can see a list of some here. If you're unsure just use the default, matrix.org.
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Select Server

4. Fill out all the standard information and verify your email if necessary.

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Welcome to Element
Welcome to the Matrix and Element! From here you can message anyone on any matrix server. This is possible through federation.
Federation refers to different computing entities adhering to a certain standard of operations in a collective manner to facilitate communication. It also describes operations between two distinct formally disconnected telecommunication networks with distinct internal structures. It may also describe an attempt made by groups to delegate authority of development and prevent fragmentation.

Let's Send A Direct Message Now!

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Sending Direct Messages
What does @clark:chat.wkmn.cloud mean?
@clark = The user you're looking to message.
chat.wkmn.cloud = The Matrix server the user exists on.
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Sending Direct Messages

Profile Customization!

Element makes it incredibly easy to customize your profile. In the upper-right-hand corner select the down arrow next to your name.
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Action Menu
From here select "All Settings."
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You can change your display name, password, email, photo, and more! Dig through the settings and mix some things up.

Thank You!

Thank's for reading my post! If you've followed along feel free to message me!