My Daily Toolbox

My Daily Toolbox

September 13, 2022
Clark Weckmann
This post was last updated September 13th, 2022.
Today I’m outlining my daily toolbox for development. These tools and services are in no particular order and certainly not organized in any way.


I personally use CloudFlare for almost every single one of my projects. At the business level we use CloudFlare for every single product, the majority of our clients, and every service we offer. I have yet to find a product or service that can even come close to competing with CloudFlare.
  • DNS
  • Hosting
  • Serverless Functions
  • Access Control
  • Optimization
  • CDN


GitHub is fantastic for hosting git repositories, but it extends past this basic functionality by leaps and bounds. Personally and professionally I rely on GitHub actions, security checks, and release hosting daily.
  • Repository Hosting
  • CI/CD
  • Security Checks
  • Release Shipping

GitHub CoPilot

When CoPilot was announced I was immediately hopping on the beta request list. I use CoPilot personally and professionally every single day. I do worry that it makes me a lazier or less competent developer, but the production increase is worth this trade-off. I believe CoPilot is truly a partner, not a replacement. When working with common APIs and using it as a more advanced auto-complete it fills every need I have.
  • Advanced Autocomplete
  • API Use

Vs Code

Vs Code is my IDE of choice for almost every project. The limitless and easily handled customization makes it almost perfect.
  • Primary ID
  • Console Use
  • Remote Editing


While I love Firebase there is a massive trade-off for the ease of use. It’s not perfect for every application and once you are using the ecosystem you’re locked in unless a complete rewrite is on your roadmap. I primarily use Firebase for quick application concepts or for small-scale personal projects.
  • Database
  • Remote Config
  • Hosting
  • Serverless Function


I rely on Vercel both personally and occasionally professionally every day. Before Vercel was Vercel and was, I can’t recall a day when I wasn’t checking my dashboard for deployment information.
  • Deployment Tracking
  • CDN
  • DNS
  • Demo Sharing
  • Serverless Functions


I’m not sure when I started using Hyper over the typical command prompt. I love the simplicity and customization.
  • CLI Use

FireFox Developer Edition

I prefer FireFox for the UI and the advanced developer tools. I still use other browsers for testing, but FireFox has been my daily driver for the past few years.
  • Internet Browsing
  • Debugging


I haven’t gone a day without working on a personal or professional project for several years now. Each project always needs graphics! Canva makes this overly easy.
  • Graphic Design
  • Ads
  • Business Cards
  • T-shirts
  • Social Media Banners
  • OG Images


Both myself personally and my business rely on Portainer for docker management. Stacks are especially helpful for quickly deploying commonly used applications.
  • Docker


For the longest time I used Postman, recently HoppScotch has replaced Postman as my daily driver! The simpler UI and the ease of sharing make it perfect for myself and my business.
  • API Development
  • API Testing
  • Social Testing