Notion Bookmarks IOS Shortcut
Notion Bookmarks IOS Shortcut

Notion Bookmarks IOS Shortcut

IOS Shortcuts
September 4, 2022
Clark Weckmann
Notion is a powerful tool that is quickly taking over the life of students, developers, general note takers, project managers, and so many more lifestyles.
I’ve built out a quick and easy shortcut that relays on Notion and Nautomate. You can read more about it by clicking here.
Lets a peak at just how easy it is to get set up with a Notion Bookmark Gallery that looks like this:
notion image

The Steps

  1. Get the shortcut from the website here.
  1. Set up the shortcut with your database ID from Notion.
  1. Add your Nautomate integration to Notion.
  1. Share a website from the share menu to your Notion Bookmark Shortcut.
You’re all set!
For a more detailed tutorial please visit